Benefits of Living Maintenance-Free


What would you do with the extra hours you currently spend tending to the lawn, shoveling snow, or making minor home repairs? Would you take in a movie with a friend, travel with a partner, or spend the day at an art fair? With maintenance-free living, this lifestyle is a reality.

Who is Maintenance-Free Living For?

Although retirees make up the bulk of the maintenance-free community, there is a trend in larger cities for families to buy into this lifestyle as well. Maintenance-free living is for anyone – of any age – who wants to spend less time taking care of their home and more time doing what is important to them – which may include golfing, traveling, or spending quality time together as a family.

What exactly IS Maintenance-Free Living?

The definition of “maintenance-free” varies from market to market and even amongst communities. In many cases, it means that for a specified fee, the property owner is not responsible for general lawn maintenance, snow removal, or exterior upkeep. In Kansas City, this can be a villa, condo, or townhome depending on the area.


What Do People Like Most About This Lifestyle?

The Hayhow Group are experts at helping clients buy and sell maintenance-free properties. One of our current listings in Eagle Point (10513 W. 142nd St. in Overland Park) is a terrific option for anyone who is looking for space that rivals that of a single family home but without the hassle of lawn care and exterior maintenance. “I love that our free time can be spent doing the things we enjoy without the stress of finding time to cut the grass or paint the shutters,” says the current villa owner/seller.

Where Can I Find a Maintenance-Free Property?

Fortunately, Kansas City offers plenty of maintenance-free options in both the suburban areas as well as the city. Whatever type of lifestyle you are interested in, we can help you find the best possible fit for you. Condos in the city are a great choice for those who desire to be walking distance from shopping, dining, and entertainment. Our current listing at Conover Place Condominiums (210 W. 5th St.) in the River Market area is a shining example of city living at its finest. Suburban properties are perfect for those looking for a yard, walking trails, and everything they need within a short drive.


Contact Georgiane Hayhow at 913-915-3186 to get started on your maintenance-free living search!

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